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Uzin KE 66 Premium Fiber-Reinforced Wet Set Adhesive

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  • Fiber Reinforced - High Shear Resistance Under Extreme Temperature Fluctuations
  • Hard Set - High Indentation Resistance To Rolling And High Point Loads
  • Fast Drying - Labor/Cost Savings
  • High Moisture Resistance - For Use Up To 80% Rh
  • Plasticizer Resistant - Minimizes The Risk Of Shrinkage

UZIN KE 66 is a fiber-reinforced, hard setting, highly shear resistant PVA adhesive. This wet set adhesive is recommended over porous substrates in new construction, renovation and in both residential and commercial installations with vinyl and rubber flooring as follows:

  • Where there is a wide range of ambient temperature fluctuation after installation

    • Sunrooms
    • Skylights
    • Large bay windows
    • Sliding glass doors

  • Where heating systems, especially radiant heated substrates, cycle through seasonal temperature fluctuations
  • Where heat is turned off for extended periods in locations such as

    • Cottages
    • Cabins
    • Out buildings
    • Site trailers
    • Marine environments

  • Where high traffic environments with caster-equipped rolling loads and high point loads are common

    • Hospitals (beds, gurneys, carts, chairs, medical equipment, etc.)
    • Operating theaters (surgical equipment and tables, lights, etc.)
    • Corridors (carts, dollies, mobile equipment, etc.)
    • Light industrial & offices (hand trucks, load carts, stationary equipment, machinery, etc.)
    • Laboratories (testing equipment & machines, carts, etc.)


  • Hard set, low shrinkage formula
  • High solids content (70 %), high bond strength
  • Fine microfibers added
  • Optimum viscosity
  • Low VOC, less than 30 g/l
  • IMO Listed


  • Increased resistance to indentation and shear compared with acrylic adhesives
  • Keeps flooring in place
  • Provides additional shear resistance under extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Easy spreadability – can be back-rolled if necessary
  • LEED qualified, Blue Angel & EMICODE certified, meets SCAQMD rule 1168
  • Approved for marine applications
  • UZIN will warrant the performance of the floorcovering bond for 10 years as per UZIN’s warranty document that covers labor, floorcoverings and subfloor materials. Substrates requiring correction must be done with
  • UZIN brand surface preparation products for full system warranty.

Recommendations are as follows:

  • Prior to installation, it may be necessary to test the substrate in accordance with ASTM F3191-16 “Standard Practice for Field
  • Determination of Substrate Water Absorption (Porosity) for Substrates to Receive Resilient Flooring”
  • For at least 7 days prior to and after installation, project site temperature conditions must be maintained at 64 – 77 °F (18 – 25 °C).
  • Concrete slabs with a Relative Humidity level in excess of 80 % (via in-situ probes) will need to be mitigated for moisture vapor.
  • All plywood underlayments shall be certified by the manufacturer as acceptable for use under floorcoverings.
  • Maximum point load limitations are subject to the requirements of the floorcovering manufacturer. Contact the manufacturer for specific product requirements.
  • Residential and light commercial non-porous floors require a skim-coat of UZIN NC 886 or NC 888 for a consistent, porous surface.
  • For floorcovering installations that will be subjected to high point loads, casters and rolling traffic, UZIN leveling or patching compound should be applied at a minimum thickness of 1/8” to achieve optimum surface strength, porosity and adhesion.

For complete details, see UZIN KE 66 Product Data Sheet at

If you have any questions or unique circumstances, please contact UZIN’s technical department at 1-866-505-4810